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Tip #1 – Have a Good Bankroll and Apply a Proper Bankroll Management

In order to have a good time and also to be able to make some nice profits you need to have a good bankroll as a startup. The live betting is able to offer you a lot of flexibility. The size of the bets start from some very small amounts of money and a nice bankroll is always needed in order to stay safe from the variance that can occur in your betting activity. At the same time you must also make sure that you are using a proper bankroll management system that will allow you to have enough room for the variance to happen. Most of the time the bankroll management strategies have some strict rules about the size of the bets you are making, that have to be in concordance with your bankroll size and they should be situated between 3 – 5%.

Tip #2 – Always trust your instincts

The instinct is the one that manages to help you place winning bets. But these instincts must be based on your experience, your knowledge about the game and the team and also based on the numbers that are coming from the statistics. You need to make sure to develop a strategy that works and once you manage to find it you just need to stick to it. The live bets are most of the time placed based on what is going on in the game and this means that you have to act quickly and be very spontaneous about these types of bets. You need to process the information fast and to make sure that you are using it right. Just like any other type of bet out there, the live bets should be placed based on your vast experience, since only this way you will be able to cash out some money.

Tip #3 – Search for opportunities

The live bets are all about searching for the right opportunities that others don’t see. It is rather difficult to find bets that are real opportunities and that can turn out to be a profitable investment. You must be always on the lookout for the things that are able to bring you profit. Searching for these will require a lot of time and a lot of research but in the end it will pay out good. Sometimes you need to bet on the underdog team that it will score first in the first half, while others you must place an over/under bet that the score in the first half will be 0-0. Either type of opportunity that is able to bring you a profit is good. Online sports betting is all about finding these opportunities and using them right.

Tip #4 – Patience and Selective

As a new bettor, you always want to be part of the action as soon as possible. The instinct is telling you that you have to place many bets as soon as possible, but in order to turn into a winning bettor you need to be patient to wait for the right matches and the right bets and at the same time be very selective about on what you are placing your money. This is all about minimizing the risks and maximizing the profits.

Tip #5 – Have fun

While placing live bets on your favorite sports you should never forget the reason why you are doing this. Along with the nice profits that you can get from placing online live bets, you are also able to enhance the way you are watching your favorite sports. And you should never forget to have fun while placing the bets and even if it doesn’t turn out to be a winning bet, you should still be able to enjoy the experience that you have gained.

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