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I wrote a blogpost about Prime Minister Julie Gillard who wanted to ban live betting in order to reduce the amount of addicts that pop up. I understand their concern, but I do not believe that it will have much of an effect. There are other measures to put in place, like limits on accounts, self-banning and so on. People will always find ways to feed their urges, so making it an offence to be live betting online, you simply make it harder for those who actually need help to actually take the necessary steps to get it.

Now the experts are out again and are commenting that it is predatory tactics employed by the betting companies offshore and that they are playing unfair against the local bookies that are doing this to support the local clubs and sports with money that comes from these poor gamblers (they suddenly aren’t that focused on the gambling problem?) and this is not happening when the offshore bookmakers get these bettors action. There are simple ways to account for this; for example, they could claim taxes or fees for companies to be allowed to operate in their country. Making this into an auction, where the top 5 bidders get to operate. That way, the price will be pushed upwards so as to make most of the profit go back to the government offering the licenses, and maybe even more than what they can expect to make themselves, seeing as the offshore bookmakers might run into the winner’s curse.

I doubt politicians wants to do this, as they seldom like to admit fault and try something new. They really love to impose their will onto their citizens and keeping things mostly bureaucratic and the least efficient. Now I am simply rambling and this site has started out as a political blog. Hope I can excite you with some better information in the future, but I would like to share my view on these weird state leaders. I will cook up another live betting strategy article soon, like the live soccer betting article which I have started to work on. Looking forward to getting more of my content up, just need to get my vacation!

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