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During the last couple of years the live bets have started to easily become one of the most popular way to place a bet on a sport. The reason why this practice has managed to become big is because it uses the analytical skills of the bettors and only the best ones are able to survive and have a positive ROI. The fact that the mobile online sports betting websites are now also able to offer this service makes everything a lot more fun and exciting. Just imagine the fact that you can be anywhere and place a bet even after the game has started. This means that you could be at the local pub with your friends, or you could even watch the game live from the stadium and still place in play live bets.

The live in-play bets are currently available only on a few markets. These bets are made after the match has already started and this way you can have a good idea about how the two teams are evolving and you can easily place good bets. The live bets are given to you based on the events that happen in that game and they are changing in real time.

What types of mobile in-play sports bets can you place?

The online mobile sports betting sites are now able to offer a multitude of in-play bets that includes; money lines, totals, point spread or prop betting. Generally the most exciting live bets that you can place straight from your mobile are the ones where the variance is the highest and where you are also able to win some important sums of money.

What are the sports on which you can place mobile live bets?

At the same time the most popular sports on which you can place mobile sports bets are soccer, football, tennis,
hockey, horse racing, baseball and basketball. There are other sports on which you can place bets, however these are the most popular. On average a popular and big mobile sportsbook is able to offer you more than 20 different sports on which you can place live bets.

Mobile Live Betting Information

Right now thanks to the latest revolution of the mobile smartphones, placing a bet from your mobile device has started to become a lot easier. There are many sites out there that are able to offer you the exact same bets that you have available on your desktop PC straight to their mobile phone version. One of the most popular site on which you can place mobile live bets is Bet365. There you get to find the largest selection of in-play live bets and on top of that you also get to find live video streams with some of the events on which you can place the bets.

The bets devices on which you can place bets are the iPhone and Android. While these are the most popular and the vast majority of smartphone users are using these, the mobile sportsbook will first launch the mobile version for these and after that move on to other less popular devices.

Overall placing a live bet straight from your mobile is definitely going to be a lot of fun. It will enhance the intensity of watching the game and thanks to the high availability of these games you can place them no matter where you are located, as long as you have your cell phone with you and there is a working internet connection.

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