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The live sport bets are a very good reason why you should switch over to an online bookmaker. No matter what is your favorite sport with the help of the in-play bets you are given the opportunity to start placing the bets even after the game has already started.

The odds are modified in real time and in case you will do that straight from your mobile phone things will get even better since you could be watching the game at the stadium and place a bet based on what you actually see. In the near future, you might even be able to share with your friends the awesome game you are witnessing on facebook, watch the game AND place bets on it live. Check out Paddy Powers future plans for facebook here.

Any match is changing constantly and knowing what type of bets you should make can become rather difficult before a match begins. The live sports betting is a real opportunity that you have available and it’s going to be up to you to make sure that you take advantage of the many benefits that it brings.

Here is a short list with some of the most important benefits that you get from placing live bets:

Increased success rate – The live bets are able to bring you some higher returns thanks to the fact that you get to have a lot more information about the game compared to any other type of bet that you can place on the internet. This means automatically that you will have a higher ROI and some lower risks.

Place bets after watching a part of the match – The sports betting is all about using the right information in your favor. The concept is very simple the more information you have about a match the easier it’s going to be to tell which is going to be the winning team. And the live betting is the perfect way to use your skills and sporting expertise in order to tell who will be the winner.

Check out the lineups and the style of the game – Each match is played differently. Even if there are the same teams confronting each other, the lineups and the style of the game is going to be different and these are the number one things that will make the difference between one game and another. This way the live betting can become very handy since you get to know exactly what are the players of each teams that are in the game and you can also get a good idea about what is the strategy and style of the game that the coach has selected for this game.

Cover multiple positions – As the game starts the number of in play live bets that are available starts to develop and you are given multiple positions that you can cover. Even if the odds will change in real time based on what is going on in the game, you are still given a world of opportunities since you can use more information than any other bet out there.

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