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The football season isn’t particulary long, and it certainly can’t rock the same amount of games that is featured in the other big american sports like baseball, basketball and ice hockey, where there are several games played every week. Football in-play betting needs to be done on the on the weekends, while the actual games are being played, but in return, I would venture to say that it is a lot of fun (just my opinion :P).

Since there aren’t that many opportunities present to live bet on football, you need to make the ones you get to actually count. I also feel that there are a lot more betting options when you are betting on football live, as opposed to the other sports. There are a lot more props given and events that can happen and be setup for betting. Not surprising given the sports popularity either.

Live Football Betting Strategies

Since there are many more live betting options for those who bet on football, there are also many more opportunities to find profitable bets. I have a couple of angles I am looking for when I check the live betting odds, and I will give you some hints as to what they are on this page.

Must score situations

As I’ve explained in my introductory article on live betting, there are many betting options available, and seeing as these are offered and adjusted as the game progresses, you can either expect to see a lot of miscalculations or as what is often the case, computers and algorithms takes care of business and does the work.


Must score situation!

One way you can exploit these situations are when the bots fail to account for what I call “must score situations”. Not only can you take advantage of over/under bets which most likely are too low, but you can also find edges in what the next scoring play will be. Knowing what strategy the team that is trailing employ in such situations helps a lot. If they are down by a touchdown in the 4th quarter, and it si 4 minutes left (with maybe two timeouts), it is somewhat team dependent whether they will go for it on 4th and 8 or if they will leave it to their defence. This is a tight window and you must be ready for these situations, but if you are watching football on sunday, when it is a full round of football, there are bound to be games that are in close call.

These can also open up opportunities when betting on possession changes and so on.

The idea with these football betting strategy tips is that you can and should get creative yourself. Think of events that is hard for the bookmaker to adjust for on the fly and might interpret bad, and bet accordingly. Since the football in-play betting market is so big, there are a lot of bets to analyze. Pick something you like or feel confident you know a lot about and go crazy showing it off!

Best Live Football Betting Sites

Given that this is an american sport mainly, those sportsbooks that focus their efforts in the US betting markets are likely to give it their all during football season. This is true in practice as well, where we find the US facing bookmakers to be the best alternatives if you like betting on football.

We recommend checking out either Bovada.lv or 5Dimes if you want to be betting on football in-play. Both of these sites accepts US bettors and 5Dimes takes most of the world.

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