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While the markets for live betting are growing faster than ever, so is also the sports of cycling. The sport has long been very popular, but in the later years we have seen a marked increase in the status of the athletes, making it’s performers among the superstars in the world of competitive sports.

Much of this is thanks to online sports betting where the bookmakers have taken a keen interest in this thriving business. It is common for sportsbooks to pile on growing markets, and cycling betting is one of them. Now you can place a bet on many more events than you could before, and the in-play markets are bigger than ever.

The biggest events in cycling are considered to be the grand tours which consists of the three races Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a EspaƱa. Of these, betting on Tour de France is considered most popular as it is the event that gets the most TV exposure and which is considered the World Cup in cycling circles.

There are more and more lesser events that also gets exposure at the bookmakers, where there are betting markets for events like Tour de Suisse, Tour of California and many other smaller events. There are also plenty of coverage for the olympic velodrome races and others.

Live Cycling Betting Strategies

Since a cycling race can take up to several hours to finish, there are a lot of time to watch, analyze and pick out a profitable live bet during an event. The most common bets that can be bet on are of the straight, futures and proposition bets.

Straight Cycling Bets
These are simply bets on who will win the race you are betting on. They are very simple to understand and is easy for the bettors to analyze. However, getting an accurate win probability of the different riders is not such an easy feat. You will often find long odds here on most riders, given that it is a lot of luck involved on who will finish first on a given race, but there still are posibilities to research further if you like long odds.


Cycling Future Bets
Future bets involves putting money on who you think will win a given tour after a set number of races. This is somewhat easier to figure out, as in the long run, over a bigger set of races, the better cyclists or teams will often come out on top. Here you will find shorter odds on the favorites, where for example Chris Froome is the number one favorite where Bet365 have him at 1.65 on winning Tour de France. This converts to a about 60% chance, which is high for an event like this where the competition is tough.

Cycling Proposition Bets
In individual races, it is hard to determine who you think will come out on top, but a common bet in race betting is so called head-to-head bets. Here you have two cyclists that are compared and you bet on who you think will finish the race first. There are often several head-to-head matchups created and offered at the bookmakers.

Riders that excel at specific stages

Most tours consists of several types of races to win. There is not only a reward for those who finish the race first, but also points for climbing stages and sprinting stages. This means that opportunities can arise where a rider that focus on the sprinting shirt might save himself at the stages without much sprinting points involved and rather go all out where there are several included.

The reason you can take advantage of this is that most bookmakers simply use algorithms when calculating the odds on events, but you can probably deduce when a rider is attempting to snag a stage when you are watching the race unfold and can pick of H2H bets that are mispriced compared to the riders ambitions for the stage.

This can also be seen throughout the stages where you should follow riders you feel are underperforming or are not giving it their all on the stages who might not be fully prepared for the whole tour. These often will just recede and lay back the whole tour and decide on a single or a couple of stages where they will go for the win. If you can analyze and find out where they would excel, you can probably pick of good odds.

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