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A big betting market that can be found yeararound, unlike when you want to bet on football, is the live basketball betting market. This sport features high leveled leagues all around the world. The NBA was dominating up untill 2000 and the players attending where mostly american as well. Now the foreign teams and players are starting to catch up and Europe has gotten a lot of elite key players on the american teams in the big leagues.

basketball betting

Since there now are more leagues that are getting spectators and sponsors, that means that the betting will follow suit and increase over time as the exposure is widened. There are not that many proposition bets available to the avid basketball bettor, but in return, the sheer amount of games that are being played should make up for these lacking markets.

Live Basketball Betting Strategies

Since there are not many props available for in-play basketball wagering, you have to shift your focus to the moneylines, spreads and totals. I would recommend taking a look at the odds offered on totals. These are easier to analyze and make educated bets considering the nature of the game. This is not only limited to the full game total, but also the derivatives known as halves and quarter totals.

Using Pace to account for the total

When you look at the total for a specific game that you are watching live, you might see how the odds and the lines change as a team scores or misses on a shot. A missed shot reduces the total about a point, and a two-pointer raises it about a point. This is about the expected change in the total given the outcome of the action.

This look at the scoring rate is very simplistic, but surprisingly sturdy. However, this look at the scoring rate fails to account for the specific games actual pace. As you are watching, you can either caclulate this (using the works in Basketball on Paper) or use “feel”, which some people are quite good at, for what you think will happen in relation to the game total. If you sense or observe both teams are anxious to go score and keep up the speed, a lowering of the total of about a point would be a wrong calculation and a bet can be placed accordingly.

Live basketball betting is all about totals in my opinion. You can certainly find good bets on sides and spreads as well, but there are far more opportunities and value to be found in the totals. Another tip is to focus on the smaller sports for even bigger chances of winning. The NBA is followed by many, including the betting chiefs at the sportsbooks, and the value is either never there or quickly snatched by other bettors. By looking at for example the WNBA or lower leagues in Europe, you might find opportunites that are overlooked by other bettors. Take a look there is my hint to new bettors!

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