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As a beginner it’s always tough to survive in an environment where everybody already has a lot more knowledge about placing bets. This is the reason why you should always make sure that you are well informed about the game on which you are planning to place live bets.

Live betting have managed to take the online sports betting industry by storm and they have rapidly become the most popular type of bets that are placed on the internet and they now account for more than 30% of the online bets at certain bookmakers.

Beginner bettors are always bound to make mistakes and with the help of this guide we hope to give you a better idea about what is going on in this industry and this way you can be sure that you will be able to void making those mistakes and that you will sign up for the right site and place the right bets and most of them will turn out into real profits.

Step by Step Beginner Guide to Live In Play Sports Betting:

Step #1 – Choosing the Right Site

It all starts with picking up the right online bookmaker that is able to offer you live bets. In order to stay out of trouble and not to have to deal with the million problems that could occur, you should always stick the large and popular online sportsbooks. There are many of them out there and by reading a few reviews you will be able to get a good idea about what to expect from each of them.

Step #2 – Placing the Right Bets

The online sports betting websites are now offering a very good and diversified set of live bets. It’s going to be up to you to pick the ones that you can understand and where you have real chances of winning. The preferred bets are different based on the sports on which you are placing them and based on the teams that are playing. It’s experience and knowledge that is able to help you place the right bets.

Step #3 – Bankroll Management

The bankroll management is a very important step that you should take into consideration when placing live bets. This strategy is most of the time disregarded by many bettors and they will eventually end up bankrupt. The concept behind it is very simple. You basically need to make sure that you are always placing bets that you can afford to lose. This can be done by placing bets that are only 2-5% of your bankroll. This will keep you safe from the variance that occurs while betting and it will allow you to have a positive ROI over a long period of time.

Step #4 – Research Done Right

Live sports betting is all about knowing the right information. This is the reason why we always suggest to inform yourself with every little detail about the game on which you are about to place the bets. There is a world of information available on the internet, be selective and make sure to turn out everything into the right direction.

Live In-Play Betting Mistakes

Betting too much – This is a very well-known beginner mistake. Betting too much is not going to get you anywhere except to bankruptcy. There are many live bets available out there, however you have to be very selective and only place the bets where you have good chances of winning and the payouts are good.

Not knowing the rules/teams – You always need to place bets on the sports that you are familiar with. This means that you have to know the rules, know the teams and know the players. Only after you do all that you will be able to actually start placing bets that will bring you some nice profits.

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