About Us

We are BettingLiveLines.net, and we have made this websites in the hopes of being the #1 online resource on in-play betting online. We do a lot of sports betting online, and the most fun part of that is betting on live lines. Since we love to watch sports, and having action on games at the same time, why not combine them?

On this website you will find the latest promotions that relates to live betting, reviews of the best sportsbooks for betting in-play, articles that teaches you how to bet and also advanced betting strategies, news in the industry and hopefully we will start to post some betting tips that, shockingly, will have to come before you can do the betting live. Don’t worry, they will feature tips on how to behave in-play as well 😉

So take a look around and check out the site, leave us some feedback if there is something you don’t like or you need something answered, we are here to help you get more out of your live betting experience!