Betting Live Lines – Your In-Play Betting Guide Online

Online sports betting is a giant industry that has grown immensely the last decade and continues to grow. In 2011 the amount of revenue that the sports betting market generated in UK alone amounted to £650 million, and a large part of this comes from live betting which has exploded in the last years. It’s growth has been staggering, and many UK bookmakers reports that the growth has ranged from 30 to 50 percent the last years, and most of these sportsbooks reports that the majority of their sports betting revenue comes from live in-play betting online. To say the least, this is a market one needs to be a part of if one wants to get some good action on your favorite game.

The Best Live Betting Sportsbooks

A lot of thought and effort has gone into each of the big dogs in the online sports betting industry’s pursuit in creating the best in-play betting experience online for their customers. Most of the platforms we have tried are pretty decent, but there is a world of difference from the top bookmakers features down to the mediocre attempts at a live betting sportsbook. We have created our top 3 list of the bookmakers we recommend you check out and keep in your arsenal if you want to bet on sports live:

Sportsbook Accepts USA Bonus Sportsbook Review Bet Now
Bet 365 No Great reputation! Bet365 Review Bet Now!
Betway Yes $25 Free Bet! Betway Review Bet Now!
888sport No Triple your winnings! 888sport Review Bet Now!
BetOnline Yes 50% Bonus! BetOnline Review Bet Now!

Live Betting Markets

Since the revenue that the major bookmakers earn are now mostly coming from live betting, there is also put more focus on making more and more markets and betting opportunities available to the sports bettors online. This has been the outcome as well. More and more sports are being added to the live betting markets, and there have been great increases in bettig options as well, like proposition bets, exact scores and so on which you now can bet live.

The sportsbooks are becoming more and more sophisticated as well, where Bet365 for example have upgraded their servers and bandwith with vFabric cloud application platforms which decreases the latency between them and the customer and has also allowed them to send and receive vast amount of data in mere seconds, making the live betting experience a fluid one for customers.

Live Betting Strategy

This surge in market share for live betting has made it clear that this is a market that needs to be served, and the bookmakers are happy to oblige as it gives them increased revenue and a lot of repeat customers. But since this is a totally new beast to tackle for the sportsbooks and their linemakers, it opens up a world of possibilities for us who want to try to make some money betting on sports. Since the odds are needed to be updated live and to the second as games progresses, sometimes the bookies relies on computers and their predetermined algorithms to calculate market prices and this makes them vulnerable to bettors who knows how to take advantage of this.

There are several sports that are covered with odds at the bookies, and we have written up some ideas for strategies and the tips we have if you want to look to put some action in with not the worst of it at least. Check out our articles and find the sport you like to bet on and increase your betting knowledge:
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